PROMOTION WITH MOTION, founded by Jeanne and Brian Evans in 2010, is the innovative marketing company that combines revolutionary LED digital technology and high-powered creative vision to deliver your message with unprecedented emotional impact. Its fleet of unique LED DIGITAL TRUCKS– featuring theater-size screens that can outshine the noon-day sun and brighten the darkest night – brings high definition video, still graphic displays, and audio directly to your clients. Thus they are informed ... entertained ... persuaded. Our ultimate mission: to deliver profit at the speed of light.


Who we are

Promotion With Motion Digital Trucks is  Out-of-Home Marketing or as the Industry declares “Transit Advertising”.

Yuengling larger Campaign in Newport RI

What we do

“We take your message to the streets and drive it home!” Our Digital Trucks are ready to campaign throughout the United States.



PWM Digital Trucks  “MAKE YOU STAND OUT” Our revolutionary approach to Marketing is “Being Seen Means Everything”.

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Promotion with Motion is aptly named. Our proprietary, transit display -- i.e. the EYETruck -- takes what had only been available at indoor stadiums to the streets. PWM's stunning Digital Truck billboards have over 1 million LED pixels. Regardless of the weather our message is clear and bright. The PWM team is professional, accommodating and technically savvy. We are true partners working in tandem with our clients and graphic designers.

Mobile Advertising Campaigns

“Being seen means everything”. Our three sided Digital Truck moves through traffic in a specific geographic area targeting a specific audience!

Box Truck Stationary Campaigns

Our Digital Truck runs with a quiet diesel generator  and can be parked unattended  in the lot of a commercial property. The three high resolution screens will rotate unlimited JPEG images or play videos.

Portable Video Wall Campaigns

Promotion With Motion’s has the unique ability to convert it’s back and side screens into a 20′  video wall perfect for a Grand Opening. Run video in a loop for hours.


Promotion With Motion makes any event come alive! Our portable 20′ screen adds color, vibrancy, motion and sensory appeal! Thank your Sponsors, Show video, infomercials, and stream live events!

Political Campaigns

Digital Trucks are a “Weapon of Mass Deployment”. Strategic geographic campaigns carry the message of the Candidate or Special Interest Group providing  BRAND reinforcement into bedroom communities and in Prime Time traffic. Digital Truck in New Hampshire

Virtual Cargo

Our Digital Truck displays 100s of images for  Real Estate Companies, Jewelry Stores, Art Galleries, Furniture and Auto Dealerships. This is a perfect application for seasonal sales events.

SEE the Digital Difference

How can you compare?


As Owner of this Pioneering State of the Art " Digital Mobile Advertising" truck, my goal is to make YOUR Brand "Eye Candy" for the consumer who gets a very sweet experience of visual display...in traffic! Promotion With Motion's digital screens etch your image, your message, to the memories of the masses. I develop campaigns that make you memorable and measurable! (Picture being parked at Gillette Stadium while 1000s of Patriot Fans exit all around you!) PWM is the icing on a layered marketing campaign. Jeanne Evans

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"Come Get Digital With Me"

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Bobby TheREP Nardolillo
Top Notch! 5 Star Service. Highly recommend to those interested in New Wave Advertising.
Bobby TheREV Nardolillo

“We and our clients were very happy with the results of last year’s initial roll out in the New England markets. PWM’s unique advertising abilities of impactful, digital video & audio in a mobile form, really helped introduce the Yuengling products to the New England consumers“ stated Frank Gussoni, President of Ashley Advertising. “All of 2015’s media investments have to substantially deliver on impressions. We are consistently challenged to be as effective as possible in both reaching the right consumers as we are in being fiscally efficient. PWM has delivered on both measures, and has earned the trust and increased commitment it received.”

Ashley Advertising
Patricia Raskin
Jeanne Evans is a great woman. She is dynamic, energetic, creative and inspiring. She was a guest on my radio show with her husband Brian several times talking about her company Promotion with Motion. This company offers a unique and effective way to leverage your message to audiences. The technology is groundbreaking and result oriented way to advertise, cost effectively. Jeanne is a master communicator!
Patricia Raskin Talk Radio

5 star!  Love this state of the art promotional company! Outstanding service and very philanthropic owners! Incomparable visibility for your company statewide and beyond!

Martinha Javid MAE Foundation
Jeanne and Promotion With Motion was a tremendous asset to my company. The service provided is eye-catching and innovative in the advertising realm. She was excellent to work with; reliable in her efforts, creative and engaging, and a generally great person to partner with. I would highly recommend any company to refer to her capabilities with Promotion With Motion in their efforts to market a brand, product or service.  
Jimmy Burchfield Sr. CES Boxing
International Performing Artist
Promotion with Motion was my single source Marketing and Advertising partner for my ESTRO-GIN & Tonic, one woman show at Ocean State Theatre Co in RI. As a performing artist, my brand is as important as my product. I wanted a state of the art marketing and advertising campaign that would expand my branding and increase my audience. PWM worked very hard and professionally to do that. With beautifully designed graphic art tiles on huge LED screens, my event was seen by thousands every day. They helped to provide a full house for my production; exceeding expectations. I highly recommend this company and well worth the return on investment
Ida Zecco Performing Artist
Thanks Promotion with Motion for visiting my ‘Information and Technology’ class at Suffolk University and sharing your expertise in computer science and Marketing. Your revolutionary LED digital Truck was absolutely ILLUMINATING and provided the students with a fun filled learning experience. I was amazed at the number of bystanders it attracted and the emotional impact it had on all of those who stopped to gaze! It is truly an upbeat way to deliver a message to the streets! The classed loved it, thanks again.
Sherry Roulston Suffolk University